City Fashion Paris

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City Fashion invites us to explore the fascinating world of fashion. Here, it is not the renowned designers that stand in the focus, but the young top designers and the upcoming fashion stars of tomorrow. No other book delves so deeply into the fashion scene of Paris. The chapters "Amazing Fashion" and "Luxury Fashion" show the young creative folks setting tomorrow's trends. The book at hand also introduces the neighboring disciplines of shoe and jewelry design. After all, it is the matching accessories that make an outfit absolutely perfect.

As a very special highlight, the designers introduced in this book reveal their favorite cafés, tell us where they like to eat out, and which galleries inspire them. Of course, tips for the best places to go shopping are included, too. All locations introduced in this book are listed with their address and homepage, and thus turn this volume into the ideal companion for every fashionista whishing to discover this fashion metropolis for themselves.

Christine Bierhals, born in 1980, studied fashion design and worked as an editor for a Berlin-based fashion magazine before becoming a free-lance fashion journalist in 2005. Today, she commutes between Munich and Paris, working as a stylist for major advertising agencies and international fashion magazines. She contributes articles and does research for papers and magazines all over Europe and has already written two books dedicated to fashion.

• Portrays approx. 40 young top designers
• Amazing and luxury fashion
• Accessories
• Up-to-date photographs
• Shopping tips
• The designers' favorite locations: cafés, restaurants, galleries, and fashion stores

Autor: Christine Anna Bierhals
Wydawnictwo: H. F. Ullmann
Język: angielski
ISBN: 978-3-8331-6066-0
Format: 17,8 x 22,7 cm
Liczba stron: 216
Oprawa: miękka
Tematyka: Moda
Typ publikacji: Albumy




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