The Contemporary Garden

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- An accessible and affordable overview of 100 contemporary gardens from the early 1920s to the present day
- Traces the history of the contemporary garden, from the experimentations of the early 20th century, David Hosack's Rockefeller Center Roof Garden (1933) for example, to today's conceptual creations such as Tony Heywood's Split (2003)
- Includes gardens all over the world by leading designers such as Roberto Burle-Marx (Brazil), Tadao Ando (Japan), Adriaan Geuze (Netherlands), Fernando Caruncho (Spain) and Martha Schwartz (USA)
- Features all types of garden, including Modernist landscapes, conceptual spaces, water and roof gardens, and urban parks
- Arranged in chronological order, each garden has been selected for its creative and innovative design, marking a break from tradition and introducing new ideas and methods of gardening
- Each entry consists of a full-page image and an accompanying text describing the garden, its designer and historical context
- Includes a glossary and a directory of gardens open to the public
- An easy-to-use guide for garden designers and enthusiasts alike

An illustrated survey of 100 modern and contemporary gardens from all over the world, arranged in chronological order for a general readership. The selection includes non-traditional gardens by leading practitioners from the early 1920s onwards and includes the very latest creations by today's designers. Each entry features a full-page image and a concise text detailing the garden's historical and stylistic importance and that of its designer or maker.

Editors of Phaidon Press

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